Information for Visitors

Loved ones are welcome to visit those in treatment. See below to read our responses to some frequently asked questions about visitation rules and guidelines.

Location and Visiting Hours

Center for Comprehensive Treatment (Main Location)
4200 Monument Rd
Philadelphia, PA 19131
(866) 576-9101

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Belmont Behavioral Hospital is a free standing Acute Psychiatric Facility, that offers resilience and recovery oriented treatment for all ages from children to geriatric populations. All programs at Belmont Behavioral Hospital ensure recovery principles, family involvement, community inclusion and peer leadership. Belmont is more than a psychiatric facility, it’s a part of the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the visiting hours limited?

Belmont is a Behavioral Hospital, it runs different from other Med-Surge hospitals. We provide structured activities, therapy, and a daily medication regime. Our intention is for your loved ones to maximize their treatment while here.

Why are there age restrictions for visitors?

Our goal is to keep everyone safe, and this includes our guests. A behavioral health facility treats a variety of mental health problems and these challenges can manifest in behaviors that are unpredictable.

When will my loved one receive the items I brought for them?

Packages are signed in at the reception desk and are sent to the unit as quickly as possible. During scheduled visiting hours, packages are signed in by the security officer and are delivered to the appropriate units after visiting hours are over. Once the items are received on the unit a Belmont employee and your loved one will open the items together.

Why can’t I bring in food for my loved one and/or the unit?

Food is not permitted during hospital stay. There are many considerations to think about such as; medications, dietary issues, health concerns and the allergies of other patients. Our Hospital is committed to providing quality food and choices for your loved one during their stay.

Why am I required to lock up my belongings?

Items that may not appear to be contraband to our visitors, could be according to our hospital policy. We require cell phones, purses, bulky clothing and other belongings to be stored in a locker during visitation. Several of these items could unintentionally put your loved one at risk.

Why I am not permitted to wear my coat or bulky sweatshirt in the unit?

As a facility we want to ensure that your loved ones are safe from any potential harm or danger. Unfortunately, contraband can easily be missed in jacket pockets or under bulky clothing and could pose potential danger or problems on our units.

Thank you for your cooperation and adherence to our visiting policy.